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If the grease trap or grease interceptor in your restaurant/kitchen isn't adequate or breaks down you can expect repeated grease blockages that will cost thousands of dollars to repair. Before this happens to you, explore the Goslyn™ grease recovery device. The Goslyn™ is used to separate grease and oil  ( FOG ) from kitchen waste water before it enters the kitchen drain. The Goslyn™ eliminates restaurant sewer blockages and backups forever! If you are planning a new kitchen or a kitchen refurbishment why not install the Goslyn GRD? It is a far more efficient and extremely cost-effective alternative to traditional grease traps. The yellow grease the Goslyn™ device recovers is also suitable for recycling into bio diesel and thus has value. Brown grease and sludge collected by standard traps has no value, is unpleasant to handle and costs money to have carted away.

An additional feature of the Goslyn™ is the solids strainer basket which will collect solids greater than 2mm, effectively removing them from the waste stream.  The basket is located in the inlet chamber of the Goslyn™. It can be lifted out easily and emptied into the trash bin. Fine silts that pass through the basket are flushed through the Goslyn™ and filtered as well. Silts that settle out can be easily removed by operating the self closing silt valve for a few seconds each day.

Goslyn - Grease Management Made Easy


   * Most effective oil and grease removal from waste water.

   * Environmentally friendly, chemical free, enzyme free.

   * Automatic hydrostatic separation.. No moving parts or timers.

   * No pump outs – ever!

   * Odor-free, Clean and Green!

   * Fits above ground.. no excavation needed!

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The Goslyn™ is an immiscible liquid separator which operates under hydro static pressure. Goslyn™ has no moving parts that wear out and break! Innovative (patent pending) technology continuously and permanently removes Fats, Oils & Greases from waste effluent. It keeps drains free and clear while eliminating the need for costly dousing systems and grease trap pumping. It also removes the solid debris that gets past drain baskets. Typically, these solids mixing with the fats oils and greases causes the majority of drain blockages.

The Goslyn™ can be sized for any application including flow rates well over 100 gpm.

Goslyn Product Description
This proven (patent pending) technology has been re-engineered recently. It now captures and eliminates the majority of solid food particles from the waste flow. It is these solids, along with the fats, oil and grease, that combine to create the costly blockages in most drain systems today. Because the fats, oil and grease never make it into your drains, they will not end up in your existing grease traps! The Goslyn™ will virtually eliminate the cost of having grease traps emptied!

The new Goslyn™ is very user-friendly. There are no moving parts to break and no messy grease traps to clean! Simply empty the oil cassette when it gets full, then clean out the solids strainer basket and oil valve at the end of each day. Less than 2 minutes per day is all it takes to keep your drains free and clear!

More than 800 restaurants are using the Goslyn™ throughout the US, Europe, SE Asia & Australia. Click here to view how the Goslyn System works.

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New and Improved Goslyn™ Technology!